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My CenturyLink customer website

How might we create a welcoming "digital hub" where CenturyLink customers can quickly find what they need?

business objective

The Digital Experience team wanted to update and improve the CenturyLink customer portal so that it’s more intuitive and easier for customers to find what they need.

In redesigning the site, the DX team wanted to decrease calls to the service center by surfacing information and task flows that could solve the customer’s question online. In the process, we would achieve their secondary goal of increasing “digital adoption”—the number of customers who use the customer portal to complete account, billing, and service management tasks.

“They are not usually here for fun. They want to get in, get out, and quickly solve their problem.”

While improving the customer experience in the short term was a must, the team also wanted a vision for the future that they could use to plan the backend work that would be needed to support this vision.

I was excited to take on this project, but also nervous about redesigning an entire site. In the past I’d focused only on a certain customer journey or a handful of features within a site; now I’d be responsible for designing the entire experience. To add to the challenge, our team didn’t have a design system of components and styles I could use, which would require me to define and design reusable and consistent components for the new site.

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